Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mobile Mansion of prune orchard

In a trailer looking south, I can see the little creek that runs behind the Los Molinos Middle School. Behind that school is I99. There is a constant buzz in the air, from truck engines and crickets and sometimes the distant screeches of the school kids at play. My home, the Mobile Mansion was built in 1954 of aluminum siding and a wood paneled interior. It’s front arcs forward like a thing in motion but it has likely been parked in this old orchard for many years. Across from my door, is the tiny creek, the irrigation kind that flows high and deep or muddy and sluggish depending on the needs of the surrounding farms. Large trees flank the shores of my creek. Their graceful branches dip and crease the surface of the passing water. There are always birds here chirping and squawking, buzzing around --great herons and blue jays, woodpeckers, ducks --flying below the tree line and skidding to a landing. I can see a bright orange pylon submerged in the murky brown depths. Its point peeks out. Tiny fish dart in and around the cylindrical body and nibble at the soft algae clinging to its sides.
Acrylic on wood support20” x 24”

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  1. Your writing skill is beautiful and filled with visual richness. I can feel having been in your shadow. I wish there was more to read.

    Enjoy your day.