Monday, February 23, 2009

Ocean Bluff - Drawing at Shelter Cove, Pacifica

I came out once to sketch here awhile back and became entranced by the odd shifting of the rocks along the cliff, and the way the gentle swooping trail follows the curve of the cove, up to the bluff and eventually back down to a rock quarry inland. I decided I would attempt a painting here. The trail to this spot meant lugging my easel and supplies uphill about 45 minutes while trailing the dog. From where I sit along the hillside it's a steep drop down. I can see hikers but they can't see me. The dog is somewhere behind and above me, sniffing out gophers in the sea grass, or just relaxing, looking west, contemplating his existence. Acrylic washes on Watercolor Paper. Available. For inquiries

Friday, February 20, 2009

Alongside a trail to Lake Genevieve in Desolation Wilderness

This creek winds in and out of visibility alongside a long mountain trail up to Lake Genevieve near Lake Tahoe. At one of the invisible spots you can hear the rushing sound of a steep waterfall. One day I hiked away from the trail and down a cliff and through a thicket to get a good view of this fall. The closer I hiked the louder it became so I figured it must be huge! But I never could find a good viewing spot in all that brush. I gave up and sat on some rocks near the river and drew.
Acrylic on wood support
14” x 18”

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Craters of the Moon

This painting was based on a drawing I created last spring on site at this National Park in Idaho. The painting seems to have taken on a weirder, eerier quality than the drawing. The park, which made a good camping layover on route to eastern Oregon, sits on a massive lava flow that spreads across a flat plain in the high dessert. It once attracted Indians that came here to perform ceremonies in the caverns that wind endlessly beneath the craggy surface. Acrylic on wood panel. Available. For inquiries-